Posted on by Edward Bess

It could be said that flowers embody nature’s purest expression of beauty. Seemingly created for the sole purpose of attracting and captivating, every meticulous detail seductively lures the admirer closer. Indeed a flower is made of mystery and intrigue — the delicate curl of each petal, a haze of heady perfume, inviting balance of symmetry, and velvety softness combine to reveal a fabulous feast for the senses. It’s no surprise that on his quest for beauty Edward finds great inspiration from flora of all sorts.


“Gardenias might be the most beautiful flower that exists,” Edward says admiringly of the snow white blossoms. “They’re perfectly pure at first glance but their signature scent is unforgettably intoxicating. I love to place a single bud in a delicate vase and admire on my desk of the beside.” To achieve an equally ephemeral lit-from-within effect, apply All Over Seduction wherever you want extra radiance – along the tops of cheekbones, above the brows, down the bridge of the nose, and even a subtle dab in the cupid’s bow.

Peonies are another coveted favorite. “Their petals are perfectly designed, intriguingly curved and layered. These fleeting beauties create instant chic in any environment,” he confides. “I look forward to the time of year when these beguiling blossoms are in season and take total advantage by opting for this arrangement when sending flowers. Renny & Reed in NYC always leaves me and the recipient impressed.”


Edward’s ultimate floral fascination, however, is the garden rose. “Each blossom is an individual work of art, a singular study in raw beauty and captivating fragrance,” he says. Inspired to pay homage to this classic flower, Edward created Glossy Rouge, a versatile lip and cheek color that blends seamlessly to create an effortless flush of color. Rose Flower Oil, known for its skin-soothing properties, imparts the delicate scent of roses while nourishing for dewy, healthy look. Each of the two shades captures a different aspect of this beautiful blossom: vibrant Candid Rose (bright true pink), and sultry Spanish Rose (juicy reddish pink).


As with his penchant for pretty petals, Edward knows that natural beauty isn’t something you paint on – it’s something to be revealed and enhanced. His design process focuses on a pared down approach, not unlike a gardener tending to his flowers. Capturing natural beauty begins with creating a vibrant harmony of scent, texture, and vitality, like a flower in its prime. When it comes to color, Edward draws inspiration from the medley of colors found in nature while using a color palette will complement your face instead of overpowering it. “Natural” doesn’t have to mean “neutral” — after all, flowers come in a nearly infinite array of shades ranging from subtle to eye-popping, but the balance of beauty remains. You are born with a unique beauty all your own – let it bloom.