Posted on by Edward Bess

A good night’s rest holds high value anywhere in the world just as any rare commodity can command. Artwork and real estate become increasingly appreciated with maturity, and so too does a solid eight hours of sleep as time marches on. Years of youth can brave burning the midnight hour without worries of waking to weariness, but all of a sudden like a shrill morning alarm clock – brrrnngg! – running on very little sleep simply will no longer do. Your focus falters without it and the heavy weight of your tired lids becomes increasingly difficult to lift as the day wears on, your queue to succumb to the powers of sleep. As Edward explains, prioritizing more time on your pillow may hold the secret to fine-tuning your focus, feeling energized and waking to a better looking you.

“What if the greatest keeper of beauty was not a product at all? Dare I – the product junkie – suggest the greatest gift for outward appearance may be revealed by getting some shut-eye? Yes, imagine all the time spent on attempting newfound beauty rituals only to discover more sleep has been the secret all along! Well, don’t expect me to give up my creams and serums just yet – but I am the first to admit my own skin looks its best when I’m rested. Away on vacation I find the under eye darkness that follows me like a shadow back home in New York City seems to also take an extended leave of absence when I allow myself to sleep in. My skin is the first to show how my body is feeling, and like a reward for good behavior – ‘bravo Edward!’ – I’m treated to a natural radiance when I’ve had a good sleep. When I first go to apply Deep Hydration Cream I notice already my skin already feels more supple with less cream needed to get me glowing. When I’ve had the recommended eight hours of sleep I find I have more energy throughout the day, helping me focus on a full plate of beauty brainstorming. On days that I wake early after getting very little sleep the night before, the darkness under my eyes will remind me why sleep matters. I’ll apply Essential Eye Cream for brightness but find I require less when I’m properly rested.”

“Of course it can be easier said than done to prioritize lights-out without fail. Work can get in the way of leaving right on time and socializing certainly does not help the case for getting to bed early. And what fun is a social gathering without a cocktail and desert?! Neither of these vices supports a solid sleep either. Then there’s the early morning run, so sleeping in is no option if I aim to get to my office with enough time to dream up a day’s worth of beauty breakthroughs. So rather than lose sleep over such a quandary, I decided to catch up on my Zzz’s when I can. Weekends allow me to turn off the alarm clock, a welcomed respite after a productive workweek. On days that I can head out of the office on time, I eagerly anticipate getting to sleep early. No TV, no late night reading – just good old fashioned bed rest.”