Posted on by Edward Bess

There’s an intimate bond shared between a woman and her lipstick of choice, but choosing the perfect hue suited for you is simply no easy feat. Why must one commit to a signature hue with so many inviting colors to kiss? Pucker up and try on a new lip look for a change.

When building your lip wardrobe, there’s one makeup maestro who knows best where to begin – herein, Edward reads lips as only he can.


“It’s no wonder why the allure of red lips has endured over centuries,” Edward says about the crimson pout. “Lips painted just the right red have the power to transform and transfix. You’ll certainly need to be in a commanding mood to pull off this seductive shade because there’s no chance of blending in with the crowd while wearing red. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve watched a wallflower bloom into the life of the party all because of her red lipstick – it’s magically mood altering! I suggest applying from the outer corners towards the center of the lips to get the perfect shape.”

Edward’s Pick: Midnight Bloom Ultra Slick Lipstick


“Find the right way to wearing coral can be a conundrum, that’s for sure,” Edward says about the hunt for a perfectly peachy pout. “The trick to pulling it off is finding a coral that’s not too orange and not too light. Steer clear of a color lighter than your complexion to avoid looking washed out. The beauty of changing into coral is just how quickly this hue can warm up the entire complexion. If you’ve been feeling in need of bringing color back to your face, look no further than putting your pout in a coral lipstick and watch your features come alive.”

Edward’s Pick: Island Blossom Ultra Slick Lipstick


“No lip wardrobe is complete without the perfect pink,” Edward says about the perennial pout. “If you have never given thought to wearing pink, then think again. There’s a feminine power that comes from the right shade of pretty pink lipstick. The timelessness of a ballet-inspired hue can make you feel like you, too, are floating on air. Light and deep variations work for different occasions, worn casually or fully dressed up. If you find yourself in the mood for color, simply think pink.”

Edward’s Pick: Endless Dream Ultra Slick Lipstick


“Of course I could wax poetic about the pleasures of wine,” Edward quips with a smirk. “The joys of enjoying Bordeaux are not reserved for a stem glass alone – a deeply intoxicating wine color happens to also make for a perfect lip hue. Many times when sharing a glass with a girlfriend, I’ll remark at just how beautiful the stain of her wine leaves her lips. The good news is one can effortlessly achieve this same effect with the swipe of a burnt umber shade of lipstick. The deeper hue beautifully defines the lips and adds a certain sophistication that never goes out of style.”

Edward’s Pick: Deep Lust Ultra Slick Lipstick