Posted on by Edward Bess

Big, bountiful curls are undeniably a thing of beauty, but the art of controlling the coiled coif has often been easier said than done. Enter the miracle styling cream known to tame even the most unruly locks: Hair Hero brings back bounce while warding off the frizz that’s been holding your curls back.

When on the quest for curly hair that bounces into shape, rely on Edward’s ethos of “less is more” to simplify the steps to unlocking the spring in your curls. Too many products applied at once can tend to weigh hair down, interfering with the weightless curls you’re after. Spritzing and spraying and praying for curl control never ends well, so let’s just keep it simple.


Like maintaining any meaningful relationship, even yours curls require the right amount of attention for hair harmony. If simply washing and heading out the door isn’t yielding the curls you crave, it’s time to start lavishing your locks.

It’s true that beauty comes from within, and this all-important virtue also applies to the healthiest hair shafts. Utilizing the healing properties of marine and botanical actives, Hair Hero deals with the dilemmas of dry, damaged hair head on by replenishing vital nutrients hair needs to look healthy and maintain curl.

The biggest challenge to channeling your hair’s curling capability is most frequently unfriendly frizz. Shorter broken hairs that result from heat styling and color treating require a certain level of care to stay put, and one must refrain from the desire to starch those stubborn strays into place. Instead, inspire hair to remain in sync with the ease of one styling weightless cream.

When it comes to cultivating your curl, it’s best to begin on slightly damp, towel-dried hair. This allows even distribution of product throughout that can easily combed or brushed through. One to two pumps of Hair Hero is just enough to evenly coat strands before heat styling.

While blow drying hair, alternate between hot and cold settings while holding sections of hair towards the air flow. Remember, it’s best not to overheat hair as this can lead to frizz. Hold sections of hair in front of air flow for a gentle drying session, until hair feels almost fully dry. As a last step, apply an additional pump of Hair Hero as a styling cream before heading out the door.


There’s no better way to put the pep back in your hair’s step than unleashing the unabashed beauty of captivating curls.