Posted on by Edward Bess

Eyes: indeed they are the windows to your soul, though their beauty is not expressly limited to what lies inside. A chance to also outwardly express yourself, eyes are the perfect canvas to dictate how you wish the to world to view you. Give them something to look at by considering a decision to add drama to your stare.

"Showcase the beauty of your eyes by opting to up the ante. I love a dramatic eye look that commands attention.” — Edward

Sometimes in life it’s best to be dramatic. From delivering a punch line with panache to dressing in a singular style all your own, exaggeration can certainly go a long way. The appeal of added drama when applied to making up your eyes is just another way sometimes more is more. “Yes, even I, who often favors a pared down approach to beauty, appreciate the importance of welcoming some drama from time to time,” Edward says about dressing up the eyes. “Eyes are a perfect place on the face to experiment with colors and intensity. By applying more eyeliner than you would typically wear and smudging enough to create a smoky effect, you’ll be surprised to see yourself in a way you may never have tried before. I use Perfect Line Every Time to line inside the eyes and all around the outer lash line.”

“To increase intensity and dramatize the eyes, I layer multiples shades of shadow. Start with Illuminating Eyeshadow Base applied over lids. Naturally Enhancing Eyeshadow Palette in Sunlight Sands is my go-to for creating a dramatic neutral smoky eye. First, apply the darkest eyeshadow shade using Luxury Eye Brush and blend outward. Then, continue to layer lighter shadow shades on top for added depth. Highlight the center of the lid with the lightest shade to catch the light. Sunlit Sands Naturally Enhancing Eyeshadow Palette is my go-to for creating a dramatic neutral smoky eye.” No dramatic eye look is complete without lavishly coated lashes using a formula that turns up the volume. “As a finishing touch for standout eyes, mascara makes all the difference,” Edward says. “I usually stick to applying mascara on the top lashes only, but when it comes to adding drama I like to also coat the bottom lashes in the blackest black possible. I apply two coats of Wish Granted Magic in a Bottle Mascara to top and bottom lashes.” Being bold enough to dabble in this double dose of drama, there’s no doubt you won’t believe your eyes.