Posted on by Edward Bess

Eyebrows come in all shapes, and no one size fits all; big and small, some held high with emotion while others never quite seem to see eye to eye. They are the ardent keepers of expression, and when artfully crafted, possess the power to perfectly frame the face as any masterpiece rightfully deserves. We know getting in shape is no easy task, and the same can be said for training arches to achieve excellence. Here’s a look at Edward’s breakdown for bestowing big, beautiful brows.

“Eyebrows are, well – everything,” Edward says about the frames to the face. “It’s quite incredible seeing the difference the right brow shape brings to the face. I actually save eyebrows for the last step of makeup application, because I find they define the entire finished look. Seeing how much makeup is elsewhere on the face helps dictate the intensity and brow shape I choose to create. While eyebrow trends may come and go, I find a fuller shape most always suits any face. I gravitate to the classic beauty of a perfectly arched look where brows are groomed while still looking natural.”

“It’s completely possible to create the look of big, full brows even if your own are not. Begin by drawing a diagonal line along the underside of the brow using Fully Defined Brow Duo, starting at the edge closer to the nose. I like to extend the inside of the brow to reach at least right above the inside corner of the eye, so feel free to start further out than your own brow. Continue the line upwards diagonally, stopping at where you want the peak to reach. From there, continue the line along the underside of the tail. Next, draw a separate fine line above the upper brow edge, beginning at the same starting point as the line you drew underneath the brow. Continue the line all the way to the brow peak, then trace down to meet the line drawn under the tail. Now, using the same brow crayon, start to fill in the brow in upward sweeping motions following the direction of the brow hairs. It’s best to apply in strokes to mimic the look of brow hair. Continue filling in as you taper towards the tail and watch your new fuller brows take shape.”

“To further define your brows and make them standout, a subtle highlighter applied all around makes a big difference. The pink brightener end of Fully Defined Brow Duo provides the perfect pop and helps provide the clean, crisp look of freshly shaped arches. Start by tracing just under the brow with a fine line along the brow bone. Once applied, I like to press the brightener into the skin for a subtle effect. I then lightly apply the same matte brightener along the top edge of the brows to give a lifted effect, again pressing into the skin. As a finishing touch I like to flip the pencil back to the crayon end to add some wisps at the start of the brow and brush through with Angled Arch Brush for the most natural effect. After all, sometimes imperfect is just the right amount of perfect.”