Posted on by Edward Bess

The search for superb skin has never been simple, but alas, no great conquest comes without a fair share of struggle along the way. Smooth baby skin gives way to blemishes of angst and later lines live where years of smiles have always been. Skin maps the steps of our journey - the good and, yes, even the chapters we would rather not read aloud. And how, one might wonder, can we begin to view the proverbial night cream jar as half full? Let’s delve deeper for Edward’s secrets to stellar skin.

"Skin, skin skin – where do we begin?!,” Edward says about conquering complexion complexities. “No doubt about it, so much about the perception of beauty comes down to skin. It tells our age and can even reveal our diet. Pretty telling for an often-overlooked organ, right? My focus on complexion is not just limited to the canvases I create when doing makeup, but also centers on my own quest for radiant skin.”

“For as long as I can remember I have given attention to cleansing properly and liberally moisturizing my own dry skin. When breakouts were a teenage hurdle and modeling shoots at the time called for a clear complexion, I would act fast to bravely banish blemishes before setting foot in a photo studio. Simple measures included a hot washcloth to soothe and unclog, and even an occasional dab of toothpaste applied on a spot for fast-drying action. When at home remedies were not enough, I developed my fondness for facials under the care of a pore professional. While modeling in New York City I would regularly head downtown to the Helena Rubenstein spa in Soho. Later in London I would scope out the skin care scene, finding the best facialists to keep me in the clear. Today I aim to end up under the steamer once a month, and when I do not prioritize this care for my complexion it’s my skin that is quick to remind me it’s time to book an appointment.”

“In between visits I rely on my own skin care staples to keep my complexion looking its best. Day and night I apply Deep Hydration Cream all over the face. I love how hydrated and supple this cream makes my skin feel. Around my eyes I apply Precious Pearl Eye Concentrate to tone and tighten, sometimes even through the day when I am traveling. This miraculous serum adds instant brightness and every bit helps!”

“The area of concern I hear about the most from others is definitely around the eyes. As we age expression lines tend to first appear around this area so as to subtly remind us neglecting eye cream is no longer an option. My go-to Essential Eye Cream moisturizes the delicate under eye area without feeling greasy or heavy. I especially love the luminescence this weightless cream delivers. It’s got a magical built-in highlighting effect that works wonders. Apply using your ring finger for a lighter touch without tugging the thin skin around the eyes. Be sure to apply the cream all the way from outer corners to the inner corners. ”

“When it comes to doing makeup, getting the skin to glow is my what I am always after. I start by applying Radiant Lifting Serum all over the face. This first step instantly adds moisture and makes skin immediately feel smoother. The best way to create remarkable radiance and luster is absolutely Precious Pearl Perfector. I made this product specifically to give the look of perfectly dewy skin. This first step primes the skin and peeks through makeup so you always glow, and can even be worn sans foundation for a remarkably radiant complexion. It also doesn’t hurt your confidence to know you’re wearing actual crushed pearl all over your face.”