Posted on by Edward Bess

When it comes to getting hair to comply with our wishes for silky strands, it’s never been a straight shot to getting hair perfectly straight. A mere mention of mist in the air is just enough to bend hair out of place, so undoubtedly this challenge calls for the expertise of a real straight shooter.

Sleek, tamed tresses are always alluring, but how exactly does one achieve this state of straight? Heat styling helps the case, but only with the right partner to get the job done.


When you want to wave goodbye to waves, turn to the all-encompassing taming talents of Hair Hero. Apply two pumps to wet hair and and comb thoroughly throughout from root to tip.


Now summon sleek, smooth strands. Start by sectioning wet hair over a round brush at the root. High heat helps tame, but be sure not to concentrate the airflow on hair for too long. Using a blow dryer with a nozzle allows for more control as you blow hair straight, working on one section at a time. Once the entire head is complete, smooth the top of hair with an additional pump of Hair Hero for added sleekness.