Posted on by Edward Bess

Pilates, spin class, yoga, weights and squats: training for results is more than just a walk in the park. With all the attention we lavish on glorifying our glutes, what about conditioning our complexion to look its best without the extra effort of breaking a sweat? Just as that firm six-pack took time, diligence and strict avoidance of vices, Edward explains the path to pore perfection is not without its own set of rules for achieving visible results.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, lest we forget great things take time – and that includes laying the groundwork for the perfection of your complexion. Before you throw in the facial towel, just think of the beauty that lies ahead - skin that sparkles, nary a pore visible to the naked eye! By affirming your commitment to improving the condition of your skin, your exterior reflects your efforts and allows the world to see the best possible you.”

“Some people’s journey to achieving enviable skin starts young. Watching your busy mother always prioritize taking time at night to properly cleanse her face without fail could very well influence you to inherit her same devotion to skin maintenance when you grow up. For some, it’s facing skin concerns that arise at difference ages that lead to a newfound focus on controlling your complexion; consider the effects of hormonal changes, work-related stress and inevitable aging that affect the way our skin behaves. Banishing a blemish of youth will certainly call for different measures than moisturizing maturing skin that may have lost its luster along the way.”

“Just as our skin changes over time, so too should the regimen we rely on to keep our faces in tip-top form. So what does it take to train skin for success? Even the supermodel greats will tell they devote a great deal of time to complexion maintenance and also prevention of any future dermatological damage (sayonara sunbathing). Let’s start with the first crucial step to training your skin to be its best: SPF. What a waste to invest in skin care if you’re forgetting to first protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun’s UVA/UVB rays. Even on a cloudy day sun damage can be done, calling for a coating of sunscreen applied all over the face everyday without exception. My own skin is so fair that I burn quite easily in the sun, an instant reminder why I must rely on SPF. Sun damage can lead to dark spots, wrinkles, premature aging, uneven skin tone and worse, cancer. I cannot underscore enough the importance of steering clear of the sun.

“As you embrace the notion of taking the best possible care of your skin, let’s mull the merits of moisturizer. Your skin needs will certainly change will time, so the cream you wear today may not be the same in decades to come though some can spend a lifetime in a cream that perfectly suits their skin. Indeed the choice is a personal one, so freely slather on a trial of textures or moisture levels to see what fits you best. And as the saying goes, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ If your skin is reacting positively to the cream you’ve given a go, simply stick with it. My own skin staple I’ve worn religiously for years Deep Hydration Cream has proven to soothe my skin in the summer and hydrate in the winter so it’s what I wear on my face day and night. The smallest amount goes a long way and when I wake up my skin always feels nourished.”

“As part of keeping your skin looking its best, cleansing plays an integral role in the condition of your complexion. Like the moisturizer you use, the choice you make in cleanser is also personal to your own skin needs. Some quite like an astringent removal process while those with dryer complexions might prefer the gentle approach of rich cleansing cream. Either way, the benefits of cleansing are clear: a chance to fully wash away the debris of the day or start anew in the morning. Find the texture and feel that suits your skin best without making you feel dried out or overly greasy. Remember how your cleansing-committed mother may have suggested (or even commanded) always take your makeup off before going to sleep! No matter how tired you may feel, washing your skin is as important as brushing your teeth before bed.”

“Another step towards skin self improvement involves taking it all off – dead skin, that is. Exfoliating twice weekly can hold the secret to achieving a more lustrous complexion, the sort of skin that glows naturally. If you’ve never considered exfoliating, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see the difference it makes and how this simple step can improve the look and feel of your skin. I apply all over my face and leave on for up to a minute before sloughing it all off with a warm washcloths. I find this helps removes a layer of dead skin and any dry patches while leaving my entire face feeling smoother. If your skin is not so sensitive you might be keen to try chemical peels as this can also be a great way to renew your complexion.”

“As you watch the condition of your skin improve from the attention you place on your pores, you may even want the insight of dermatologist or aesthetician to add to your regimen. These skin experts have the know-how and tools that can help you achieve the skin results you desire. Their state of the art lasers can coax away brown spots, broken capillaries and even tone and tighten facial skin. In the same way a workout can go from tedious to tempting with the encouragement of a trainer, you may find the same for your complexion under the guidance of a skin guru.”

“Prioritizing a trip to the gym is not always the top of our lists, and the same could be said for caring for our complexions. Yes, it takes time and commitment to train for the success of seeing results from all our hard work. No one said it was easy - but at least they will be saying what great skin you have.”