Posted on by Edward Bess

The invitation calls for your finest black tie attire, but alas, there is no mention of dress code for your hair. Before you send your regrets, you should consider there is more than one right way to dress your tresses to impress.

Is letting your hair down for a swanky affair too casual of an approach, or will opting for an updo leave you looking over dressed? Fret not – Edward explains that indeed both sorts of styles belong.

“I’ve heard the question all too may times – ‘but how shall I wear my hair?!’ friends ask when sending in their R.S.V.P.,” Edward says with a shrug. “I get it. You’ve deliberated over the frock and picked the shoes, but figuring out hair in advance can seem a bit overwhelming.” It’s true there is no guidebook for how to wear your hair for such an occasion, and even the most adept social swans face this same beauty quandary. “There is no right way – hair up or down can work,” Edward explains. He cites some of his favorite Oscar looks range from casually brushed hair to intricately styled updos, proving even the most privileged manes appreciate the beauty of both options.

“If your shoulders are your best feature and you want your hairstyle to show them off by pinning hair up, or your colorist worked such magic that your first inclination is to showcase your tresses, rest assured you can embrace both ways of dressing for the occasion. “The beauty of hair is not wearing it exactly the same way all the time,” Edward says, as he unties his own artistically gathered bun allowing his hair to cascade down his back. And just like that, he changed the energy in the room.