Posted on by Edward Bess

You’re getting ready to go out, putting finishing touches on hair and makeup, fretting about what clothes to wear… but are you forgetting something? If you glossed over choosing your perfume for the night, you may be selling yourself short.

“Of all the articles you may opt to wear, it’s the layer of fragrance that will most determine how you are perceived. The scent that follows you, and how you apply it, says a lot about you.” - Edward


Clothes and makeup make a statement, but season after season they’re easily forgotten. Perfume is a different story. Humans are hardwired to process and imprint the memory of smells, associating them with specific emotions, impressions, or behaviors. When it comes to seduction, fragrance is your most powerful secret weapon. Your scent lingers on your clothes and wafts through the air when you move. Let your loved one smell you in those close moments where you lean in for a hug or brush a kiss against his cheek, catching him by surprise and drawing him closer.


Just like your personality, your perfume has dimension and character, telling your story without saying a word. Next time you’re choosing a fragrance, ask yourself: what does it say about you? Are you happy-go-lucky, assertive, mysterious? It helps to take some time to think about who you are and what you want to convey for the moment or mood.


It isn’t just the scent itself, but where you apply it that influences the impression you make. The ingredients are activated by heat and carried on eddies of air, so your fragrance will be revealed differently depending on the temperature and movement of the spot you spritzed.

Traditionally, perfume is applied to pulse points on the wrists and behind the ears, but the possibilities are endless. Feeling playful? A light mist on your hairbrush before running it through your hair will distribute the scent through your mane, floating up with every flirty flip of your hair (added with the intoxicating clean smell of Hair Hero).

To create more subtle intrigue, dab your scent on the insides of elbows and behind the knees. It will release with your body heat, rising close to your skin and lightly trailing behind you as you walk. Now that’s how to make a glamorous exit.