There are few greater joys in life than the beauty of gathering over good food with even better conversation. Indeed, the best dish is never on the menu – it’s a treat reserved for friends around the table. Add a special guest to the mix and you’ve got a winning recipe for an occasion to remember.

Inevitably when Edward’s part of a dinner party, the conversation always leads to beauty. “No matter the setting, my tablemates always delight in talking makeup, hair, et all. I love sharing the tips and tidbits you’d expect from my beauty perspective, and seeing faces light up when I share advice for new looks to try,” Edward says about his dining and dishing experiences. It’s no wonder why he’s a sought-after seatmate for a beauty centric crowd.

Now you and your clique can dine and dish with the master of makeup himself. Introducing Beauty Dish with Edward – a glamorous gourmet get together with the fun of friends and your favorite beauty maestro all to yourselves. Expect the quintessential Edward experience as he shares his expert beauty advice in an exclusive setting of fabulous fare.

Specially created to entertain an intimate gathering of friends, Beauty Dish with Edward pairs the pleasures of socializing with friends with everything you love about sharing beauty secrets. How it works: you and 3-6 friends pick a date to host a meal with Edward joining the fun, available in New York and Los Angeles.