Traveling the globe as a model, Edward Bess would be forever changed by his first journey to the Black Sea. Amidst the vast expanse of the deep and endless sea, he fell under the spell of this mystical corner of the world. As the photo assignment came to an end, Edward felt deeply connected to his surroundings, and, deciding to extend his stay, watched the plane fly away without him.

Mesmerized, Edward embraced the startling beauty and rich lore of the ancient region. Filled with excitement, he immersed himself in Turkish culture, soon experiencing the fabled secrets of the local people. Eventually, Edward discovered the thermal mineral springs hidden along the Black Sea coast, long known for their magical healing properties, as well as the Turkish hammam, a centuries-old skin-purifying ritual. Impressed by the history and benefits of these traditions, he vowed to delve deeper into their mysteries, becoming one with nature, basking in the Black Sea's mystique, while exploring the botanical treasures of its shores.

Along his journey, the Black Sea continued to bestow its magic with amazing generosity. Shortly, Edward's skin changed dramatically—it became softer, smoother, more radiant—and his complexion seemed renewed with a stunning luminous clarity. Marveling at the miraculous transformation, Edward spent years perfecting a perfectly concise skin care range all inspired by the centuries old beauty rituals of the Black Sea region. He extended his homage to the Black Sea to include color cosmetics infused with the same nutrient rich marine and botanical actives used for hundreds of years along the remote coast. Determined to unlock the secret to beautiful hair, Edward again turned to the Black Sea as the inspiration for Hair Hero, a miracle hair styling cream harnessing the profound healing power of algae to transform hair from the inside out.

Nearly a decade after his first encounter with the Black Sea region, Edward continues to seek inspiration from this mystical corner of the world. The region’s natural wonders and sacred beauty rituals serve as an endless source of fascination for Edward on his quest to share the Black Sea’s gift of beauty.