When it comes to hair with Edward Bess, it’s personal. He knows the power that comes with hair that turns heads and he’s not afraid to share the secret. Keeping with his edited approach to beauty, Edward tends to tresses hair with the same attention to detail he gives faces. He’s happiest when his hair is healthy and full of bounce and wants the same joy to be felt by all the heads of hair around him.

Years in the making, Edward has perfected a miracle styling cream harnessing a blend of marine and botanical actives inspired by the centuries old beauty rituals of the Black Sea region. As his hair continued to grow longer, his premonition that the Black Sea would unlock the secret to beautiful hair proved true. He discovered his potent blend of plant botanicals miraculously gave him shiny, lustrous looking locks. Excited by his healthy hair after years of keeping the top secret formula for himself, Edward knew he had to share his miraculous mane maestro.

Heads will turn thanks to Edward’s one styling cream curiously created from his own quest for the best hair in the room. Hair Hero is the go-to hair guy who does it all: magically boosts volume to new heights, sculpts and defines by adding texture, and even smooths and tames hair without weighing it down. Harnessing the profound healing power of algae inspired by the remote Black Sea coast, this restorative cream transforms hair from the inside out. The result? Breathtakingly beautiful hair you have to see and touch to believe.