Setting out to capture a certain creative coif requires some inspiration to get in the mood for the mane that’s just right for you. With so many lock looks to try, how does one know exactly where to begin? Well, she dives in head first, of course.

"Piled high, teased or tousled, set your sights on building your wardrobe of timeless hairstyles for the ages.” — Edward

the look: Timeless Top Knot

Just the sort of dressed up gathering that always makes headlines, the classic top knot combines the best of a laissez faire attitude with the sophistication of a well done ‘do. Throw your tresses on top and embrace the effortless art of being undone – here, messier is better. Hair Hero helps get hair into place, before tying it all up with a rubber band and the help of some bobby pins tucked in keep your top knot in place.

the look: Vivid Color

Whether bestowed by nature or the crafting of a trusted stylist, your hair hue sets the tone. Blondes can certainly have fun, but so can all the other strands of the color spectrum – it’s just a matter of living colorfully. Balayage coloring technique gives hair a perfectly graduated, natural looking effect so it remains a secret only you and your stylist share. Choosing the right shine spray is also a crucial element of showcasing your coif’s color.

the look: Perfect Ponytail

Like stepping into the right stilettos, perfecting your ponytail has the power to instantly grant added height and transform your silhouette. It’s a look that effortlessly goes from day to night, and luckily this sought after style requires minimal effort. Parted on the side or brushed all the way back allow different ways to try on this tail, with a choice to tease or keep tame. Either way, expect big reactions to this simple style that always turns heads.